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  Les Roches - International School of Hotel Management - Marbella Spain

Les Roches - International School of Hotel Management - Marbella Spain

  Marbella, Spain

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Postgraduate Diploma in Golf Management - Les Roches Marbella, Spain

Program & Course Overview
If you wish to work in the Golf Industry, then become a leading manager in the fastest growing sports business worldwide. Specializing in the field of golf management could lead you to a rewarding and exciting international career. The Postgraduate Diploma Program in Golf Management is your place to start.
The program is designed for individuals who hold a Bachelor Degree or Diploma and industry professionals with a minimum 5 years of experience who wish to further their careers in the highly specialized area of golf management. This one year program has been designed to include an academic semester during which, students attend theory and practical classes, and a practical semester with internship in golf field operations while enjoying playing golf and improving their handicap. The program is delivered entirely in English and includes 15 score subjects, out of which 13 are theoretical and 2 practical and concludes with an internship period in the industry. 
Program Objectives
  1. To empower students with the professional specialization competencies required to answer with creativity, analytical skills, and innovation the challenges that Golf Management faces today.
  2. To provide students with an integral education through the development of sound managerial leadership skills and personal initiative to adopt creative decisions to complex situations, managing human resources, oriented to the organization’s overall efficiency and profit maximization.
  3. To expose students to the latest market trends and techniques available in golf business administration acquiring specialized industry knowledge and expertise, thus increasing substantially students' professionalism and employability upon graduation.
Program: Postgraduate Diploma in Golf Management
Duration: 1 year (2 semesters)
Academic semesters: 1
Internships: 1 (6 months)
Intake: January of each year
Age: normally 21 years old
Language of instruction: English (only)
Qualification: University Degree and/or 5 years of previous experience in the golf  industry
English level: TOEFL score of 500 or equivalent
Total Credits: 39
Cost: Tuition $ 21,200 
Housing for The Academic Semester: $ 3,400      
Admissions Requirements:
+Normally 21 years old and above.
+A completed application form with all pertinent attachments and a non-refundable application fee of 300 Euros.
+A complete CV. Pre-Study Plan (brief essay stating the reasons why you choose to study Hospitality Management at Les Roches Marbella). Post Study Plan stating your future professional goals after graduating, dated and signed.
+Must hold a Bachelor Degree or Diploma (preferably in the areas of Tourism, Business Administration, Economics) from an accredited institution of higher learning in non-hospitality field supported by the university transcript and copy of university degree obtained. Applications from non-degree, candidates with a minimum of 3 years of documented work experience will be evaluated on an individual basis. Non-degree holders will receive a Professional Development Diploma.
+A reference letter of a professional or academic nature.
If English is not your mother tongue or if you have not spent the last 3 years in an English-taught school, please enclose one of the following official certificate and scores:
+TOEFL: minimum score of 500 points for the paper based test or 61 IBT.* 
+Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE): grade C - Please also send the statement of results with your detailed profile.
+IELTS: Academic Module minimum Overall Band Score 5.0 and min. 5.0 for each part (listening, reading, writing, speaking).
+All English certificates must have been issued in the last 12 months prior to admission. If on application, your official English test results are not available, applicants will be required to take the Les Roches Marbella English entrance exam, and provide your official English results thereafter.
+A valid medical certificate.
Price: 21,200 $  Apply Now

3 Year Hotel Management Degree Program


3 Year Degree Program of Hotel Management

Program Objectives

This program prepares students for the Bachelor Degree. It combines sound theory and craft based learning (practical classes) with professional internships in the industry. It aims at providing students with the appropriate operational and supervisory skills, knowledge and attitude. After completion of the Hotel Management Diploma, students generally continue their studies and complete the bachelor degree; nevertheless, they have the possibility to start their professional career at this stage.

Program Overview   

This 3-year Hotel Management Diploma Program is open to students, ages 18 or over, who have completed a full secondary education. It is designed to provide fast track access to entry-level employment. It alternates between 3 semesters of intensive academic study at the school, and 3 semesters completing professional supervised internships at hotels and hospitality establishments in Spain and abroad. The Hotel Management Diploma program is delivered entirely in English. Coursework focuses on administration and management, culinary arts, and guest relations. Students have progression opportunity towards a bachelor degree within the institution.


Program: Hotel Management Degree

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Academic semesters: 3

Internships: 3 (5 to 6 months)

Intakes: January and August

Age: 18 minimum

Language of instruction:  English

Qualification: To have completed a full secondary education.

English level: TOEFL score of 500

Total Credits: 86.5


Semester 1: Hotel Operations I (HOI)

Your first semester of study will prepare you to successfully fulfill functions of various "Front-of-the-House" departments of national and international restaurants or hotels. You'll receive an extended introduction to the hospitality field and develop your ability to assume responsibilities. Your coursework may also focus on foreign language training-especially listening, understanding and speaking-computer applications and general management subjects, and housekeeping.

Semester 2: Internship (5-6 months)

For this first internship, you will put into practice the basics you will have learnt and will get a feel for the industry. This first work experience is at operational level either in service (restaurant, bars, room service) or in Rooms Division (Front office, housekeeping).

Semester 3: Hotel Operations II (HOII)

This semester of study builds on the skills that you have already developed by preparing you to fulfill duties of various "Back-of-the-House" departments, such as Kitchen, Pastry and Bakery. The practical aspect will incorporate operational details as well as the basics of supervision and management. You will build on the foreign language skills you learned in Semester 1, and will continue to study various liberal arts and management subjects.

Semester 4: Hotel Operations III (HOIII)

This final Hotel Operations semester will prepare you to fulfill the managerial functions of the principal departments of a national or international hotel or restaurant. Your training will incorporate operational details, but an emphasis will be placed on supervisory and managerial principles. You will continue to enhance the foreign language skills developed in Semesters 1 and 3.

Semester 5: Internship (5-6 months)

During your second internship, you will work in a professional kitchen environment that will develop your understanding of Culinary Arts as well as various skills such as working under pressure, managing your time and communicating.

Semester 6: Internship

This last internship is generally in Administration & Management and gives the opportunity to take decision, come up with new strategies for a particular project or department and often opens the door to a permanent position.

NOTE: Students can complete their last internship after semester 3 rather than after semester 5, subject to the Academic Director’s approval.

Associate Degree in Hotel Management Program

To graduate with an associate degree, students must complete 2 academic semesters and 2 internship semesters (semesters 1,2,3 and 5) as well as gain 6 credits in Rooms Division Management or in Food and Beverage Management (taught in semester 4). They also have to pass a general education subject.

NOTE:The tuition that is shown below is for Semester 1 and Semester 2 


Les Roches Marbella Student Testimonials

Price: 25,300 $  Apply Now

Housing & Student Life


A student’s life at Les Roches Marbella is best defined by its diversity. It begins with a sense of comfort, a clear sense one is at home and amongst friends, a simple gesture of unity and common ground amongst peers. It ends with friendships and experiences that are carried forward through a lifetime.

A modern spacious Campus which emphasizes interaction and comfort, a small but cosmopolitan city, like Marbella, which offers students and visitors endless amenities and attractions, a region, like Andalusia, full of history and culture spanning the ages. This is but a small example of what Les Roches Marbella offers, it is what one will find each time they venture onto the beaches, the world famous harbor of Puerto Banus, the downtown narrow white streets and plazas, and the unique mountain settings of their new home.

Our campus proudly represents 50 nationalities from all continents, creating an excellent environment for student which, all of whom share a common goal of becoming qualified hospitality professionals.

Excellence, tradition, modern management and harmony are some of the attributes of Spain as a nation, and of its hospitality industry in particular. However intense your determination to achieve your academic objectives may be, we encourage you to take some time off to enjoy the superb environment around Marbella and the region of Andalusia where winter and summer leisure abound, from beach, ocean, golf, snow skiing and walks in the mountains, to the cultural wonders of Malaga, Seville, Granada, Cordoba and much more; the choice is yours. Andalusia is a spectacular province and we hope you will take much pleasure from it while you are here.
Students not only prepare but also serve all three meals to their other fellow students. The campus has two different types of restaurants, so students can learn and practice the various styles of services. From our fine dining a la carte restaurant where classical service techniques are used to our fast and efficient dining room where a more contemporary service style is appropriate, students will learn in-depth all facets of restaurant and bars service.


You will feel as if you are living in a hotel rather than in a large university campus. Students are housed in the school residence which is adjacent to the main building and offers several types of accommodation. You will probably be in a double room. It will have an en-suite bathroom, closets, and upon request and availability, individual rooms, rooms with acclimatization and extra storage space are available.

Travel Documents



Accepted non European Union candidates will receive, from the Admissions Department, their Certificate of Enrolment which, together with the Acceptance Letter and proforma invoice, they will have to present at the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in their country of origin.

Non-European candidates must make a personal request for their visa type “D” and present the required documentation during their appointment in the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in their country of origin.

After 20 days, the student should again contact the Spanish Consulate and request their visa’s identification number (NIV) which should be notified to the Enrolment Department.

The candidate must then collect his/her original visa from the Spanish Consulate and ensure that all formalities are settled before coming to the School.

Please see below guidelines for applying for the Student Visa Type D.

1. VISA Documentation & VISA Appointment Date

The student needs to contact the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in their country of origin. The student must let the Consulate/Embassy know that they want to make an APPOINTMENT in order to request a STUDENT VISA TYPE D.

The student must take note of the following:

  • When making the appointment the student needs to ask the Spanish Consulate for a list of the VISA DOCUMENTATION they will need to take with them (this varies from one country to the next – general guidelines are included in this document).
  • As part of the documentation they will request the ACCEPTANCE LETTER, CERTIFICATE OF ENROLLMENT and the PROFORMA INVOICE (in some countries confirmation that 100% of the tuition fees have been paid will be required).

The above documentation will be supplied by Les Roches Marbella in the ACCEPTANCE PACKAGE.

The Spanish Consulate/Embassy will set a date and time for the student to go PERSONALLY to the Spanish Consulate. The APPOINTMENT DATE is generally given in about 2 week’s from the moment the student contacts the Spanish Consulate/Embassy. Please note that the waiting time for appointments depends on the student’s country of origin.

2. What happens during the VISA APPOINTMENT at the Spanish Consulate/Embassy?

When the student goes for the appointment they must make sure they take all the necessary documentation with them that the Spanish Consulate/Embassy requires, during the appointment they will submit the VISA APPLICATION. At this point the student will be informed if the documentation submitted is correct and complete or not.

  • If the VISA APPLICATION is complete, the VISA APPLICATION will be submitted.
  • If it is not complete, the Consulate/Embassy will request additional documentation to be submitted on another appointment day. Following this the VISA APPLICATION will be submitted

During the appointment, the student should ask the Spanish Consulate/Embassy if they will inform him/her of the VISA or should they contact them instead.

3. What happens next?

The VISA application is sent electronically from the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in the student’s country of origin to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid. From Madrid it is passed on to the Sub-delegation Office in Malaga (the province capital of where Les Roches Marbella is located).

The VISA APPLICATION takes 30 days to be processed before it is passed back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, who then send confirmation (positive or negative) of the STUDENT VISA TYPE D back to the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in the student’s country of origin.

4. How can Les Roches Marbella help?

20 days after the student has had the VISA APPOINTMENT; students must contact the Spanish Consulate/Embassy and find out their NIV number (VISA
IDENTIFICATION NUMBER / Número de Identificación del Visado). When the student has this number, they should contact their EC or the Enrollment Department at Les Roches Marbella and inform us. With this number we can call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid and we will be able to track the student’s VISA APPLICATION from start to finish - we will know exactly where it is and the timescale in which the VISA will be ready (and if there are any
problems with the application - there shouldn’t be).

5. When should he student collect the STUDENT VISA TYPE D?

Around 6 weeks after the appointment date, the student should contact the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in their country of origin and ask if the STUDENT VISA TYPE D is ready or not. If the student has any problems at this stage they should contact the Enrollment Department at Les Roches Marbella and inform us accordingly.

6. What is the timescale and cost?

The whole process should take around 6-8 weeks from the time the student attends the VISA APPOINTMENT at the Spanish Consulate/Embassy to the time that the student will be informed by the Consulate/Embassy in the country of origin of the result. Please note that this timescale could take longer in periods of national holidays (such as Christmas and the New year) and in some countries the process may take longer. If approved the STUDENT VISA TYPE D is available to be collected in a few days. PROCESS FROM START TO FINNISH SHOULD TAKE MAXIMUM 6 WEEKS

The VISA APPLICATION generally costs around 200 USD but this price can vary depending on the student’s country of origin.


PLEASE NOTE: copy of authorization to collect the visa will only be sent to the candidate if the pre-payment has been made within the 30 days of the date of acceptance.

Please note: Any student requiring a visa type D and who enters Spain without the entry visa is subject to a financial penalty or may be refused to study at Les Roches Marbella

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Student Numbers
• Total Student Population: 613
• Total Students on Campus: 340
• Total Students on Internship: 273

Program Numbers
• Undergraduate Students: 268
• Post-Graduate Students: 72

Faculty and Classroom Distribution
• Total Number of Faculty Members: 45
• Full-time Faculty Members: 25
• Part-time & Visiting Faculty Members: 20
• Student / Faculty Ratio: 8:1
• Average Class Size: 25-35

Student Body Composition
• Percentages of International Students: 62%
• Average Number of Countries Represented: 41
• Students Male / Female Ratio: 51:49

Internship Placements
• Average Internship Opportunities per Student: 3
• Percentage of paid Internship Placement: 93% 

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