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  University of New York in Prague

University of New York in Prague

  Prague, Czech Republic

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Foundation Program

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Business Administration



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Communication & Mass Media

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International Economic Relation

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Master's In International Management

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Master's in Laws (LLM)

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Housing & Student Life


Newly refurbished dorms offer the excitement of living in the city center along with all of the modern conveniences and comforts of home. Students enjoy bight and spacious double rooms at Charles University’s dorms. Each room is fully furnished with beds, closets, desks, and a high-speed Internet connection so that you are never out of touch.


Travel Documents



All locations for our programs require that students have a passport. To obtain a passport for the first time, you need to go in person to one of 7,000 passport acceptance facilities located throughout the United States with two photographs of yourself, proof of U.S. citizenship, and a valid form of photo identification such as a driver's license.



While each country has its own specific requirements, issuance of a student visa generally requires verification of enrollment in a foreign institution of learning, a financial statement guaranteeing the student will have access to adequate funds during their stay, and other forms or documents required by the consulate.

Schengen Short term visa (for stay up to 90 days)

A Schengen visa issued by a diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic or of another Schengen state entitles its holder to stay in the territory of the Czech Republic for the period stated in the visa.

In accordance with Czech Republic law, with a Schengen visa, a visitor may stay up to a maximum of 90 days in the Schengen area within 6 months period. If the visitor used up all the 90 days, he/she has to leave the Schengen area and may only reenter after 3 months of being abroad. The period of authorised stay should correspond to the intended purpose of stay or transit, while respecting the general rules in relation to the length of stay.

Schengen Long-stay visa for purpose of study

The long-stay student visa application shall be processed within 60 days from the date the Consulate receives the complete application.

All visa applications must be made in person, during our business hours, well in advance at the Embassy or Consulate in which jurisdiction you reside.

Our office will guide students through this process and direct them to the appropriate consular office. However, it is the responsibility of each individual student to obtain necessary visas.

Obtaining a student visa may be a timely process therefore the application should be started as early as possible. Upon acceptance into the programs, each student should immediately print the Student Visa Application Guidelines and the Consulate Visa Application. Study Abroad Europe cannot intervene for students who do not acquire appropriate passports or visas

Non US Citizens and students not residing in the US should contact their nearest Czech Republic Consulate and follow their directions for obtaining a student visa. Students may request the necessary documents from our office.

For visa information relating to your specific study abroad location, please refer to the required readings in your Study Abroad Europe account (you must have started an application)


Getting the proper documents for travelling abroad is essential. Below are links from the US State Department website:



Fees & Deadlines



Application Fee        $95
Security Deposit (refundable at the end of the term)      $300
Summer Program 2014 July 1st 2014 - July 26th 2014  $ 2,950
Fall Semester 2014 August 23th - December 15 2014 $ 12.550


Financial Aid 

Students using financial aid are required to pay Application Fee, Confirmation Deposit, Security Deposit and Single Room Supplement (if applicable). Written verification of financial aid award or loan approval must be sent to our office in order to delay the balance of program fee and before your application is considered complete. If your financial award is not sufficient to cover the total Program Fee, the difference must be paid by the final payment date. Please direct all questions concerning financial aid to the Study Abroad Europe office. 





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Questions & Answers


How do I apply to a program?

You can click on the red “Online Application” button on the upper right corner and start your application. If you would prefer to have Study Abroad Europe mail you an application package, please e-mail or call us to request a packet.

How many students will be at my study abroad course?

Study Abroad Europe school partners are creating true cultural immersion and offer personalized study programs. The number of students in a class varies from campus to campus; usually it is between 10 and 15 students per class.

Can I participate in a program if I have already graduated/am a graduate student?

Yes. We offer graduated management apprenticeship. Please contact the appropriate program manager to see if acceptance is possible. There will most likely be additional requirements for the application process.

My GPA does not meet the minimum requirement. Can I still apply?

 Exceptions may be made to the GPA requirements. An academic letter of recommendation and a statement of intent will be required of any student who does not meet the GPA requirement for most programs. Please contact the appropriate program manager for details. Please note that submitting these items does not guarantee admission to the program.

It is after the application deadline. Can I still apply?
We  may be able to accept applications after the application deadline. Please contact the appropriate program manager to see if this is possible. A $145 late fee will apply.

When are payments due?
Once you have been accepted to a program, a $500 non-refundable deposit is due within 2 weeks of your acceptance. This deposit is applied to the total program cost, and is necessary in order to secure your spot in the program. Additional payments and deposit deadlines will be outlined in your acceptance packet and program invoice. All funds must be received prior to your departure for the program abroad.

Can I use my financial aid to pay for my program?

Study Abroad Europe accepts most forms of financial aid as payment; however, Athena cannot issue or process financial aid. You must work with your home university's Financial Aid & Study Abroad Offices to coordinate the use of your financial aid award money.

How do I know if my university will allow me to use my financial aid?
You will need to speak with the study abroad office and/or financial aid office at your home institution for help in determining if your financial aid can be used.

If I withdraw, what kind of refund will I receive?
Please refer to the "Cancellation Policy" located on the program Application.

What type of transcript will I receive for my coursework abroad?

Included in the price of all programs is a transcript for your coursework abroad. For most programs, this transcript is one from the overseas university (included in the cost of the program).
For students whose home institutions will not accept credits reported on an overseas transcript, Study Abroad Europe can arrange for study abroad credits to be reported on a U.S. accredited transcript (for most programs this incurs an additional cost). Study Abroad Europe is proud to offer both options in order to ensure that all students will have an option that will allow for successful credit transfer to their home university. Please talk to a representative to ensure you receive the type of transcripts you need.

Do I need a passport?

All citizens of the United States are required to have a valid U.S. passport in order to enter a foreign country and to re-enter the U.S. Many countries also require that your passport be valid at least three months beyond the anticipated dates of your trip. You will also need a valid passport in order to obtain your visa, so it is important to apply for your passport early.

What is a visa?

A visa is a document that allows entry into and travel within a country, and is authorized by the government of your destination country. Please note that a visa does not take the place of a passport, but is needed in addition to a passport for most study abroad programs.

Do I need a visa?

Most programs require a visa to study abroad. You will receive detailed instructions in your acceptance packet outlining the requirements and procedures for obtaining your visa document.

Are courses offered in English, or do I need to know the language of the country abroad?

All programs offer courses in English. Some programs require students to enroll in one language course in order to facilitate a more authentic cultural immersion while taking English language electives. Full language immersion programs are available for students who have interest in gaining fluency while abroad.

I have more questions. How can I contact a representative?

There are many ways to reach a representative.
Phone:  718 710 0498
Times: Monday through Friday from 10AM - 5PM EST  


  Email a study abroad adviser