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  Paros Island, Greece

Paros International Creative Music Program

Paros International Creative Music Program is a study abroad program of studies for second, third and fourth year undergraduate students of music specialising in composition or with an interest in creating music and contemporary (classical) music and musicology, who are looking for an opportunity to enhance their future postgraduate study and career prospects by experiencing a semester/year of study and living abroad, on the island of Paros, Greece, a very popular holiday destination.

Our study abroad programs are ‘open forum’ style of teaching, a series of activities of creative engagement with music making and a carefully selected curriculum of courses taught by experienced and enthusiastic young tutors who are specialists on the subjects they teach, our approach to learning is exploratory and creative, yet rigorous. The program is an opportunity to experience a saturation of information on different pathways of creativity in music, supplemented by workshops and personalised tuition where emphasis is given both to the creation and presentation of each individual artistic vision as well as to the instigation of partnerships and the experience of joint collaborations in developing creative projects. 

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