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  IESA -The Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts

IESA -The Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts

  Paris, France

  Our programs

Gap Year - French Art and Civilisation in Paris

Our year-long program is aimed at students who want to experience living in Paris and learning about French history, culture and the arts. Some students are humanities majors but the courses are aimed a filling general requirements  for non-humanity majors  as well. Taught in English the programme offers an unparalled variety of topics, ranging from general introductory courses to more specialised, in depth studies.
Based at the Institut d’Etudes Superieures des Arts premises in the heart of Paris, students are within easy access of all the major Parisian monuments and a stone’s throw from the Louvre, the most important theatre in Paris, the Comedie Française or the centre of the luxury trades. 
During their stay in Paris, students are encouraged to explore all aspects of Parisian life, and the course programme is structured to give students time to explore this most beautiful of cities. Short excursions are included in the programme; in addition there are a range of opportunities for extra-curricular activities outside the course timetable. Whether starting or needing to improve their French, everyone is given the opportunity to learn both in class and in daily conversation.
Courses to be taken:
French Culture and Civilisation 
French Language 
French History 
French Art and Architecture 
The Tradition of French Landscape Painting: From The Renaissance to The Impressionists
French Literature 
The History of French Cinema
Paris in The Age of The Impressionists
The French Touch: Art Heritage, Culture and Branding
Admission Requirements:
Students from all majors can apply in orded to complet their general requirements.
Undergarduated and BA completed studnts can apply
Good level of English IELTS  5.5
No minimum French
Admission Process:
+ Copy of Passport
+ 3 original identity photos 
+ Short resume in English 
+ 2 letters of recommendation with contact reference phone & email
+ Copy of Highest degree completed & high school diploma with official transcripts 
+ English proficiency test score for non-native English speakers (TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS are accepted)
+ For Non EU Students :  Birth Certificate
+ Proof of payment registration fee + amount 90 euros Bank details upon request 
+ International Health Insurance Certificate compulsory upon arrival
Price: 12,500 $  Apply Now

Semester Program

Our semester programmes are aimed at students from all countries, who want to experience living in Paris and learning about French history, culture and arts as well as the professional skills of the cultural management consultant, dealer or collector. 
Based at the IESA premises near the Louvre, students take part in courses with an international group of students and with other French students from the school. Whether starting or needing to improve their French, this gives an opportunity to learn both in class and in daily conversation as students take part in all the activities going on in Paris.
Each semester starts with a month-long induction of intensive French classes and introduction to French culture. After that, while continuing French studies, students choose two additional specific options, ranging from art history, French literature or philosophy, twentieth-century cinema and literature. The autumn semester includes a special option in the business of the art market while in the spring semester, we offers a special option in cultural events management. All these courses are taught in English. Students fluent in French may opt for courses from the range of IESA’s undergraduate programmes in art history, cultural management or art business.
As part of each semester’s programme, there are excursions offered on the weekends: a day trip to the Palace of Versailles and a weekend trip either to Normandy or the Valley of the Loire. There are also many evening excursions to the galleries and cultural events in Paris.
Course work forms an important part of the programme and time is allowed for individual study. Each student has a tutor who will meet with them twice during the semester to discuss their progress. At the end of the semester, some courses are assessed by exam, others through continuous assessment.
We have set up a ‘buddy’ system with another student at IESA, who will help orientate you, exchange interests and go with you to some of the extra-curricular activities.
There is a member of staff whose responsibility it is to help you with practical questions and provide support if needed.
Students receive 12-15 credits from Jacksonville University, Florida at second or third year BA level for each semester of study. Erasmus students are awarded 30 credits. 
Autumn semester: From the beginning of September till Christmas break
Spring semester: From the beginning of February to the end of May
In September, students have 4 weeks of Intensive French Studies and Introduction to Art and Civilisation:
  Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 9.30-12.30 French language  French language French language  French language -
13.30-16.30 French art 
and civilisation
French art 
and civilisation
French art 
and civilisation
 French art 
and civilisation


From October to December, students have 12 weeks of 
French language and 2 electives

French Language: 108 hours 
2 Electives: 48 hours each 


   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 9.30-12.30  French language French History up
 to the Revolution
 French language French art  French language
 14.00-16.00  20th century 
French literature or cinema
and their time
 20th century 
French literature or cinema
Art Business
(law & finance)
14.00-16.00  French History to  the Revolution      Art Business
(marketing & webmarketing)


Price: 10,500 $  Apply Now

MBA in Arts and Cultural Management

Program at a glance: 
Duration: 3 trimesters (12 months) 
Location: Paris 
Accreditation: IESA and the Paris School of Business. Diploma under accreditation process with IACBE 
The aim of this intensive 12 month programme is to train future managers of arts and cultural institutions and future entrepreneurs in the cultural industries. 
Core teaching weaves together a range of different approaches to the cultural industries: high-level business management, creative entrepreneurship, art and culture fundraising, event management, and design and creative marketing. 
This program is designed to develop students’ understanding of the art and performing arts sectors and develop professional skills in arts management and business. Professional studies are underpinned by courses on the history of twentieth century art and theatre, providing students with a hands-on experience of the artistic and cultural backgrounds. 
In the first trimester, core courses include marketing, consumer behavior, fundraising and accounting taught by the Paris School of Business. Sessions on the economics of the art market and cultural industries, museum studies, event management, and digital communication are taught by IESA’s professional faculty. 
In the second trimester, students choose between two specializations: Art Market/Exhibition Management and Performing Arts Management. 
Seminars are organized each year, concentrating on questions of globalisation, new technology, brand building, and exploitation of intellectual property right. 
Workshops, lectures, visits to galleries, museums, study trips abroad andmeetings with artists and professionals provide students with hands-on experience andnetworking possibilities. 
In the final trimester, students write a 60-80 page dissertation thesis. A four to six month internship in optional, depending on the professional profile of the individual student. 
MBA Entrance Requirement:
•Applicants should have received at least a BA degree or equivalent. Students in their final undergraduate year may apply for admission and will be required to provide proof of graduation prior to full registration. Applicants holding a Master’s Degree will also be accepted.
•For applicants whose native language is not English, proof of language is required to show proficiency: IELTS: 6,5 or its equivalent
•Professional experience is preferred, but not required
•Applicants with a diverse cultural background and a strong interest in culture, the arts and management are particularly welcome
Application Procedure:
When to apply?  
We accept students onto a rolling basis however we strongly encourage applicants to contact us as soon as they can. Applications are considered until July 1st. Late applications may be accepted. 
If you are thinking of applying to our MBA, please follow the steps and send us the following documentation:
•Complet the online Application Form
•A CV or professional resume
•Cover letter of circa 2,000 words to explain motivation and professional goals
•Official transcripts of studies
•Copies of diplomas
•2 letters of recommendation (academic or professional)
•Official score of a standardised English exam (TOEFL, IETLS) for those individuals who are not native English speakers
•4 ID pictures
•Photocopy of valid passport or identity card
•Application Fee of €50
Price: 23,500 $  Apply Now

Art in Paris Summer 2019 Program

Art In Paris
Paris has been the centre of royal patronage since the Middle Ages, gradually replacing Italy as the primary source of artistic influence from the age of Louis XIV to the twentieth century. For the student it also offers a variety of major museums, whether the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, the Musée des Arts Decoratifs and the Musée Carnavalet, or town houses and chateaux such as the Musée Rodin or Louis XIV’s royal chateau of Versailles. For many, Paris is the cradle of Impressionism and the foundation of the avant garde: it is the city of Manet, Monet and Renoir as well as of Picasso and Duchamp, the Eiffel Tower and the Centre Pompidou. Our courses offer students a wide range of choices, from the early history of royal patronage to the most modern galleries and exhibitions. Our courses on photography and painting allow you to see this city as the early photographers of the twentieth century explored it. In addition, all our programmes offer privileged visits to dealers and galleries to show you the contemporary art market as well as the great museum collections.  
Paris : 15 June to 9 July 2019
This program includes sessions on art history and the study of the art market in Paris
Courses are conducted in English.
Choose credit or non-credit, mix and match.
A summer program aimed at students who want to experience living Paris and learn about its arts and the Paris art market, past and present
The course is run in collaboration with Purchase University, New York (part of SUNY). 
Studies take place in the museums, galleries, auction houses and dealers of Paris four days a week.
Day-trips and private visits to further enrich the experience.
Students take two courses, choosing from the following options:
-Masterpieces of French Art (US 2 credits)
-The Art Market in Paris Past and Present (US 2 credits)
-Beginners French 100 (US 2 credits) 
-Advanced Beginners (101) or Intermediate French (201)  (US 2 credits)
9am -12pm Old Masters - Plein-air painting
1pm-4pm Contemporary Art -Photography
4.15pm-7.15pmFrench classes 100 (beginners) - French classes 101(advanced beginners) - French classes 201(intermediate) 
Price: 4,650 $  Apply Now

Housing & Student Life


We offer several housing options for the students studying with our institution. Here is a list of the options and what is included within each one.

Homestay option

Dishes, Sheets, Television, Wi-Fi, Iron, Vacuum Cleaner, weekly laundry, access to the kitchen in the evenings & breakfast.

Cost: $ 1,100- 1,400 depending on meal option.


Long term student residence

Cost: About $ 650 per month for Graduate students.

Cost: About $ 1,150-1,250 per month for Undergraduate students.


Apartment share with other students

Cost: $ 900-1,100 per month.


Short term residence

Cost: Between $ 80  to $ 140 per night depending on the location and length of stay.

A good option for students who want to find their own housing after arrival but need a place to stay temporarily.

Students are also always welcome to find their own housing, e.g. if they have family or friends already living in Paris.

Contact us at for housing request.

Travel Documents


All locations for our programs require that students have a passport. To obtain a passport for the first time, you need to go in person to one of 7,000 passport acceptance facilities located throughout the United States with two photographs of yourself, proof of U.S. citizenship, and a valid form of photo identification such as a driver's license.



While each country has its own specific requirements, issuance of a student visa generally requires verification of enrollment in a foreign institution of learning, a financial statement guaranteeing the student will have access to adequate funds during their stay, and other forms or documents required by the consulate.

In accordance with French law all students studying in France for MORE than 90 days are required to obtain a student visa. It is no longer necessary for US students studying for LESS than 90 days to obtain a visa. Our office will guide students through this process and direct them to the appropriate consular office. However, it is the responsibility of each individual student to obtain necessary visas. 

Obtaining a student visa may be a timely process therefore the application should be started as early as possible. Upon acceptance into the programs, each student should immediately print the Student Visa Application Guidelines and the Consulate Visa Application. Study Abroad Europe cannot intervene for students who do not acquire appropriate passports or visas

Non US Citizens and students not residing in the US should contact their nearest Italian Consulate and follow their directions for obtaining a student visa. Students may request the necessary documents from our office.

For visa information relating to your specific study abroad location, please refer to the required readings in your Study Abroad Europe account (you must have started an application)


Getting the proper documents for travelling abroad is essential. Below are links from the US State Department website:


Fees & Deadlines

Application Fee $ 95
Security Deposit (refundable at the end of the term) $ 300
Semester and Gap Year Program Cost
One Semester: Housing & Tuition                                   $   10,500

One Year Program: Tuition

Housing Option for 1 Semester:

$   12,500

$     4,300

MBA in Art and Culture Cost
One Year Program: Tuition                                             $    23,500
Housing Option for 1 Semester $     4,300



Upon completion of the program, Study Abroad Europe will arrange your official transcript/certificate to be send to your home university. 


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