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3 Year Hotel Management Degree Program

Les Roches - International School of Hotel Management - Marbella Spain


3 Year Degree Program of Hotel Management

Program Objectives

This program prepares students for the Bachelor Degree. It combines sound theory and craft based learning (practical classes) with professional internships in the industry. It aims at providing students with the appropriate operational and supervisory skills, knowledge and attitude. After completion of the Hotel Management Diploma, students generally continue their studies and complete the bachelor degree; nevertheless, they have the possibility to start their professional career at this stage.

Program Overview   

This 3-year Hotel Management Diploma Program is open to students, ages 18 or over, who have completed a full secondary education. It is designed to provide fast track access to entry-level employment. It alternates between 3 semesters of intensive academic study at the school, and 3 semesters completing professional supervised internships at hotels and hospitality establishments in Spain and abroad. The Hotel Management Diploma program is delivered entirely in English. Coursework focuses on administration and management, culinary arts, and guest relations. Students have progression opportunity towards a bachelor degree within the institution.


Program: Hotel Management Degree

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Academic semesters: 3

Internships: 3 (5 to 6 months)

Intakes: January and August

Age: 18 minimum

Language of instruction:  English

Qualification: To have completed a full secondary education.

English level: TOEFL score of 500

Total Credits: 86.5


Semester 1: Hotel Operations I (HOI)

Your first semester of study will prepare you to successfully fulfill functions of various "Front-of-the-House" departments of national and international restaurants or hotels. You'll receive an extended introduction to the hospitality field and develop your ability to assume responsibilities. Your coursework may also focus on foreign language training-especially listening, understanding and speaking-computer applications and general management subjects, and housekeeping.

Semester 2: Internship (5-6 months)

For this first internship, you will put into practice the basics you will have learnt and will get a feel for the industry. This first work experience is at operational level either in service (restaurant, bars, room service) or in Rooms Division (Front office, housekeeping).

Semester 3: Hotel Operations II (HOII)

This semester of study builds on the skills that you have already developed by preparing you to fulfill duties of various "Back-of-the-House" departments, such as Kitchen, Pastry and Bakery. The practical aspect will incorporate operational details as well as the basics of supervision and management. You will build on the foreign language skills you learned in Semester 1, and will continue to study various liberal arts and management subjects.

Semester 4: Hotel Operations III (HOIII)

This final Hotel Operations semester will prepare you to fulfill the managerial functions of the principal departments of a national or international hotel or restaurant. Your training will incorporate operational details, but an emphasis will be placed on supervisory and managerial principles. You will continue to enhance the foreign language skills developed in Semesters 1 and 3.

Semester 5: Internship (5-6 months)

During your second internship, you will work in a professional kitchen environment that will develop your understanding of Culinary Arts as well as various skills such as working under pressure, managing your time and communicating.

Semester 6: Internship

This last internship is generally in Administration & Management and gives the opportunity to take decision, come up with new strategies for a particular project or department and often opens the door to a permanent position.

NOTE: Students can complete their last internship after semester 3 rather than after semester 5, subject to the Academic Director’s approval.

Associate Degree in Hotel Management Program

To graduate with an associate degree, students must complete 2 academic semesters and 2 internship semesters (semesters 1,2,3 and 5) as well as gain 6 credits in Rooms Division Management or in Food and Beverage Management (taught in semester 4). They also have to pass a general education subject.

NOTE:The tuition that is shown below is for Semester 1 and Semester 2 



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