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Southern Spain - the land of olive groves and rolling hills of almond blossom, flamenco dancers and gypsy songs, and fiestas. This fascinating region offers an incredible medley of sights, sounds, tastes and scents.

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Les Roches - International School of Hotel Management - Marbella Spain



Accepted non European Union candidates will receive, from the Admissions Department, their Certificate of Enrolment which, together with the Acceptance Letter and proforma invoice, they will have to present at the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in their country of origin.

Non-European candidates must make a personal request for their visa type “D” and present the required documentation during their appointment in the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in their country of origin.

After 20 days, the student should again contact the Spanish Consulate and request their visa’s identification number (NIV) which should be notified to the Enrolment Department.

The candidate must then collect his/her original visa from the Spanish Consulate and ensure that all formalities are settled before coming to the School.

Please see below guidelines for applying for the Student Visa Type D.

1. VISA Documentation & VISA Appointment Date

The student needs to contact the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in their country of origin. The student must let the Consulate/Embassy know that they want to make an APPOINTMENT in order to request a STUDENT VISA TYPE D.

The student must take note of the following:

  • When making the appointment the student needs to ask the Spanish Consulate for a list of the VISA DOCUMENTATION they will need to take with them (this varies from one country to the next – general guidelines are included in this document).
  • As part of the documentation they will request the ACCEPTANCE LETTER, CERTIFICATE OF ENROLLMENT and the PROFORMA INVOICE (in some countries confirmation that 100% of the tuition fees have been paid will be required).

The above documentation will be supplied by Les Roches Marbella in the ACCEPTANCE PACKAGE.

The Spanish Consulate/Embassy will set a date and time for the student to go PERSONALLY to the Spanish Consulate. The APPOINTMENT DATE is generally given in about 2 week’s from the moment the student contacts the Spanish Consulate/Embassy. Please note that the waiting time for appointments depends on the student’s country of origin.

2. What happens during the VISA APPOINTMENT at the Spanish Consulate/Embassy?

When the student goes for the appointment they must make sure they take all the necessary documentation with them that the Spanish Consulate/Embassy requires, during the appointment they will submit the VISA APPLICATION. At this point the student will be informed if the documentation submitted is correct and complete or not.

  • If the VISA APPLICATION is complete, the VISA APPLICATION will be submitted.
  • If it is not complete, the Consulate/Embassy will request additional documentation to be submitted on another appointment day. Following this the VISA APPLICATION will be submitted

During the appointment, the student should ask the Spanish Consulate/Embassy if they will inform him/her of the VISA or should they contact them instead.

3. What happens next?

The VISA application is sent electronically from the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in the student’s country of origin to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid. From Madrid it is passed on to the Sub-delegation Office in Malaga (the province capital of where Les Roches Marbella is located).

The VISA APPLICATION takes 30 days to be processed before it is passed back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, who then send confirmation (positive or negative) of the STUDENT VISA TYPE D back to the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in the student’s country of origin.

4. How can Les Roches Marbella help?

20 days after the student has had the VISA APPOINTMENT; students must contact the Spanish Consulate/Embassy and find out their NIV number (VISA
IDENTIFICATION NUMBER / Número de Identificación del Visado). When the student has this number, they should contact their EC or the Enrollment Department at Les Roches Marbella and inform us. With this number we can call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid and we will be able to track the student’s VISA APPLICATION from start to finish - we will know exactly where it is and the timescale in which the VISA will be ready (and if there are any
problems with the application - there shouldn’t be).

5. When should he student collect the STUDENT VISA TYPE D?

Around 6 weeks after the appointment date, the student should contact the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in their country of origin and ask if the STUDENT VISA TYPE D is ready or not. If the student has any problems at this stage they should contact the Enrollment Department at Les Roches Marbella and inform us accordingly.

6. What is the timescale and cost?

The whole process should take around 6-8 weeks from the time the student attends the VISA APPOINTMENT at the Spanish Consulate/Embassy to the time that the student will be informed by the Consulate/Embassy in the country of origin of the result. Please note that this timescale could take longer in periods of national holidays (such as Christmas and the New year) and in some countries the process may take longer. If approved the STUDENT VISA TYPE D is available to be collected in a few days. PROCESS FROM START TO FINNISH SHOULD TAKE MAXIMUM 6 WEEKS

The VISA APPLICATION generally costs around 200 USD but this price can vary depending on the student’s country of origin.


PLEASE NOTE: copy of authorization to collect the visa will only be sent to the candidate if the pre-payment has been made within the 30 days of the date of acceptance.

Please note: Any student requiring a visa type D and who enters Spain without the entry visa is subject to a financial penalty or may be refused to study at Les Roches Marbella

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