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Summer 2016 - Czech Language School in Prague
Summer 2016
The Czech Summer School (Prague) is an intensive course focusing on language and communication. We strike a balance between spoken and written communication, as well as between reading and listening skills, without overlooking grammar.

Fall Semester 2016

Charles University in Prague


Charles University programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education that fully recognizes its credit granting system and credit transfer to U.S. undergraduate institutions of higher learning. CESTA awards 3 or 4 academic credits per class, depending on the requirements of the U.S. College or University and recommends that the students take 4 or 5 courses per semester, one of them being Czech

Full Semester of 15 weeks FALL 2016 includes:

Full tuition: 5 subjects (Art and Architecture, History, Politics, Film, Czech language) taught for 15 weeks, 3 x 50mins lectures/ week of instruction in a class. 45 hours of instruction per subject per the course.
Course books and photocopies
  7 x 50mins/ day, 4 days
Finals week: Presentation of final projects, exams 

Academic advising throughout the semester.


Price: 4,850 $
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