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January Intersession 2020
January Intersession 2020
Florence University of the Arts ( FUA ) - January Intersession. Study abroad in Florence for 3 weeks in January. Study abroad program offered for all majors. Apply online now!
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Summer 2020
Florence University of the Arts ( FUA) - Study Abroad Summer 2020 in Florence, Italy. Study Abroad Programs available for 3 and 6 weeks. Apply Now!
High School Summer 2020 Program in Florence, Italy
Summer 2020
Florence University of the Arts is offering a unique opportunity for high school students to participate in its cultural and academic offering. Students may select from an exciting range of courses offered for study abroad programs and participate in weeklong cultural explorations in locations such as Rome, Sicily, and Florence as well as supervised afternoon activities such as sports and discovering the city of Florence.

Fashion Design and Technology

FUA-Florence University of the Arts


Two Year Certificate Program Fashion Design and Technology

Program Overview
Fashion designers are among the most influential and adulated individuals in modern society. What’s in a name? What’s in a brand? What makes a designer become a highly prized asset of a fashion house?

FAST offers professional certificate programs for who is seeking to develop new skills and knowledge while building a body of work and professional experience in an international learning environment.

This two-year program in Fashion Design and Technology offers a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the fashion industry through direct experience and experimentation thereby gaining the knowledge of the historical and cultural traditions that provides the foundations to today’s innovation in the world of fashion. 



Italian Language (45 lecture hours) (*)

FT FD FD 230 Fashion Design Studio I

(90 hours: 45 lecture hours + 45 studio hours with T.A.)

FT FD DR 240 Draping (45 lecture hours)

FT FD SC 315 Sewing and Construction Techniques I

(90 hours: 45 lecture hours + 45 studio hours with T.A.)

FT FC FM 300 Fashion, Media and Culture(45 lecture hours)

DI PH PS 220 Introduction to Photoshop (45 lecture hours)


FT FC CP 200 Art Media: Introduction to the Creative Process

(15 lecture hours)

FT FD KW 270 Knitwear I (15 lecture hours)

FT FD PM 260 Pattern Making (15 lecture hours)

FT AD FE 342 Feathers and Experimental Materials (15 lecture hours)

PS PD PO 350 Portfolio Development I (30 lecture hours)



FT FD DF 370 Fashion Design Studio II

(90 hours: 45 lecture hours + 45 studio hours with T.A.)

FT FD AP 310 Cad for Fashion: Advanced Patternmaking

(45 lecture hours)

FT FD SC 380 Sewing and Construction Techniques II

(90 hours: 45 lecture hours + 45 studio hours with T.A.)

FT FD AD 320 Apparel Design (45 lecture hours)

FT FC FF 280 Faces, Facts and Places in Italian Fashion

(45 lecture hours)

PS SP FD 340 Special Project in Fashion Design (90 Contact hours)

or Italian Language (45 lecture hours)


FT FD ES 280 Eco-Sustainable Fabrics and Fashion Design

(15 lecture hours)

FT FD SS 330 Sport and Swimwear Design (15 lecture hours)

FT AD SW 347 Scarves, Shawls and Wraps Design (15 lecture hours)

FT FD KW 360 Knitwear II (15 lecture hours)

PS PD PO 360 Portfolio Development II (30 lecture hours) 



Price: 9,950 $
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