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Biennial intensive Course in Fashion Design

Ferrari Fashion School
The main purpose of the course is to prepare professionals able to fully manage the entire production cycle, from idea conception to the concrete realization, through a personalized learning path.
The course embodies the programs of Fashion Illustration, Pattern Making and Tailoring.

Exams and Tests

Teachers will make tests every month by following the progress of the study plan, in order to check the walk of the students and help them in case of issues or backlogs about the study plan. At the end of the course, with a successful result, the student can take the final exam to get the professional qualify diploma as Fashion Designer.

Study Plan:

Study of Anatomy
Study of the silhouette
History of Custom and Fashion 1
History of Custom and Fashion 2
The fashion in the 20th Century: study of one of the most important international stylists of the
Color Theory
Study of commodities 1: Fibers and Yarns
Study of commodities 2: Fabrics and Materials
Chromatic matches
Decorations techniques
Fashion Sketch
Fashion Rendering Techniques
Designing skills / graphic software
Illustration / graphic presentation
Fashion accessories
Guide to the Modeling technique
Study of the basic elements
Study of the wearability
Sartorial Model – Pret-à-Porter
Sartorial Model – High Fashion
Industrial Modeling techniques
Sartorial Modeling techniques
Placement on the fabric
Sartorial Tailoring techniques
Industrial Tailoring techniques
Design techniques
Technical data sheet
Collections – Portfolio: M/W Pret-à-Porter, Evening. High Fashion, M/W
Research methods
Sociology – Fashion System
Image Consulting
Fashion Photography
Photo Shooting
Backstage – Runway Show

Classes Hours

9:00 am to 1:00 pm / 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Course duration: 2 years
Class duration: 8 hours
Weekly attendance: 5 classes



DATE: 2019, 1st October
Registration fee: € 988,00 for EU-citizens, € 2000,00 for NON-EU citizens
Course cost: €14250/year ($ 16,100) or 3 installments of €4750 /month ($ 5,370)
Final exam fee: €300
The prices include the educational material including templates and books.


Ferrari Fashion School Fitting Vibram

Price: 16,100 $
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