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MSc in Human Resource Management

Study Abroad in Cyprus
Program at a glance: 
Duration: 14 months  (in English)
Location: Nicosia 
Cost: € 7,700  ($ 8,250) 
Course objectives:
The primary objective of the MSc in Human Resource Management & Corporate Strategy is to provide the knowledge and technical skills needed for the effective management of human resources in connection to strategic decision making in an organisational setting. Knowledge and competences lie in the minds of people of an organisation, thus creating and maintaining sustainable competitive advantage has to connect recruiting developing and managing people for effective implementation of strategy. Through an in-depth understanding of the latest human resource theories and best practices, students will be able to challenge and inform managerial strategic decision making and extend their knowledge across different global contexts in modern knowledge economies.
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has acknowledged that the Master in Human Resource Management & Corporate Strategy fully aligns with SHRM’s HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. 
- Increase understanding of aspects of human resource management and critically evaluate the role HRM can play in achieving a competitive advantage in a dynamic, global environment
- Develop strategic skills and thinking in order to become an organisational change agent, while at the same time learn to effectively manage day-to-day operational needs
- Learn to manage and retain talent across borders, continents and cultures
- Gain a deep insight into organisational business priorities and appreciate how HRM can contribute to broader corporate strategic objectives.
Learning Outcomes:
- Acquire the technical skills required in human resource management
- Identify the importance of motivation in terms of knowledge and practice as well as maintain talented employees
- Increase your ability to use data and apply analytical strategic skills in solving HRM problems and in making competitive strategic decisions
- Develop an ability to organise people and exercise leadership in culturally diverse environments
- Learn to exercise ethical judgement and design corporate strategic decision making
- Acquire the strategic knowledge to manage effectively an organisation’s human resources in a competitive manner.
The programme is made up of 6 subjects, 4 of which are compulsory and 2 optional:
Compulsory Subjects:
1. Strategic Management
2. Managing Human Resources
3. Organisational Behaviour
4. Research Methods
5. Strategic Human Resource Management
Optional Subjects (Choose 1):
6. International Human Resource Management
7. Employment Law
8. Ethics & Social Responsibility
Note: Optional subjects offered are subject to availability of lecturers and to student demand. For a subject to run, there should be a minimum of five students enrolled on it.
Price: 8,250 $
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