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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (or BSc)

Study Abroad in Cyprus
Program at a glance: 
Duration: 4 years (in English)
Location: Nicosia 
Cost: € 9,120 ( $ 10,500) per year
Profile of the program:
1.     Provide students with advanced theoretical and practical computer science knowledge and skills, enabling them to work for the IT environment of the commercial, industrial and governmental sectors
2.     Enable students to develop their personal and professional prospects, keeping in pace with the rapid progress of the technology in computer science
3.     Prepare the students to pursue further postgraduate education and research.
4.     Provide a strong sense of social commitment, global vision and independent self-learning ability
1.     To enhance students’ critical thinking and to develop their basic analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
2.     To introduce the field of computer science, and principles of computers, computation and programming.
3.     To acquaint students to major commercial computer application packages.
4.     To introduce students to programming concepts and methodologies for program design, development, testing and documentation.
5.     To introduce techniques for systematic problem analysis, program specification, design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation of programs.
6.     To acquaint students with current popular programming languages and operating systems.
7.     To introduce computer software engineering, database systems, networking, Computer security and Internet.
Career Prospects
On successful completion of the program graduates will be able to get a job in a variety of sectors, both in private and public organizations, such as the:
·     Information technology sector
·     Professional services (customized application development, web-based applications, network system administration and maintenance)
·     Educational sector
·     Research laboratories
Access to Further Studies
·     Upon graduation, students may have direct access to further postgraduate studies (Master’s programmes).
Academic Path:
Major Requirements:
Programming Principles
Software Development Lab
Systems Analysis and Design
Data Structures
Object-Oriented Programming
Database Management Systems
Theory of Computation
Computer Organization and Architecture
Operating Systems
Networks and Data Communication
Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Computer Security
Final Year Project
Digital Systems
Major Electives:
Visual Programming
Assembly Language Programming
Human Computer Interaction
Mobile Computing Application Development
Data Mining
Computer Graphics
Data Privacy
Machine Learning
Defensive Programming
Game Programming
Blockchain Programming
Special Topics in Computer Science
Advanced Databases
Artificial Intelligence II
Neural Networks
Virtual Reality Game Development
Internet Programming
Systems Programming
Compiler Design
Network Security
Ethical Hacking
Advanced Computer Architecture
Network Protocols
Internet Technologies
Cloud Computing
Internet of Things and Wearable Technologies
Practice and Experience in Computer Science
Math, Science and Engineering Electives:
Elements of Biology
Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry
Electric Circuits
Discrete Mathematics
Elementary Number Theory
Probability and Statistics
Linear Algebra
Ordinary Differential Equations
Numerical Analysis
Elements of Physics
General Physics
Business Electives:
Organizational Behavior
Fundamental Economics
Introduction to Management
Management of Innovation and Technology
Knowledge Management
Project Management
Database Applications Development
Information Systems Concepts
Management of Information Systems
Supply Chain Management
Language Expression Electives:
Business Communications
Technical Writing and Research
College English
Business and Professional Communication
Basic Writing
English Composition
Liberal Arts Electives:
Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Visual Arts
Western World Literature and Composition
Modern European History and Politics
French Language and Culture
German Language and Culture
World History to 1500
Modern Cypriot History and Politics
The US and World History Since 1945
Italian Language and Culture
Introduction to Philosophy
General Psychology
Social Psychology
Russian Language and Culture
Principles of Sociology
University Experience
Price: 10,500 $
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