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Lighting Design & LED Technology

POLI.Design - Consortium of Politecnico di Milano
Program Duration: 1 year
Intake sessions: February
Program Cost: 7,500 Euro ( $ 9,250)
The course is divided into 10 thematic modules plus a 11th module that can be the internship or training on the fundamentals of lighting product design.

The Specializing Master will be held in English.

The first 4 training modules develop skills in fundamental theories, methods and tools for the lighting design, from the technical foundations to the methodological and cultural aspects to the CAD for lighting: Theory and technology of light, Tools and methods of lighting design, CAD for lighting, Lighting culture and practice of lighting design.

The following 5 learning modules develope advanced skills in the practice of lighting design: Project work in lighting for the show, for the hospitality, for exterior lighting, for the cultural heritage, for retail.

The 10th educational module develops empowerment skills for entering the world of working for corporate and professional training.

The 11th didatic module, alternative to the internship, propose content for the introduction of thematic related to lighting fixture design for interior and/or exterior applications.

Registrations will be closed to the maximum number of students in the call.

Didactic plan:

Didactic unit 1 
Theory and technology of light 

Didactic unit 2 
Tools and methods of lighting design
Didactic unit 3 
CAD for lighting 
Didactic unit 4 
Lighting culture and practice of lighting design 
Didactic unit 5 
Project work: lighting for the show 
Didactic unit 6 
Project work: lighting for the hospitality 
Didactic unit 7 
Project work: exterior lighting 
Didactic unit 8 
Project work: lighting for the cultural heritage 
Didactic unit 9 
Project work: interior lighting for retail 
Didactic unit 10 
Professional empowerment 
Didactic unit 11
Lighting Product design 


Poli.Design Milan Student Video

Price: 9,250 $
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