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Bachelor ( hons) Degree in Fashion

Istituto Marangoni - Fashion & Design Programs


These programs are designed for students who want to enter the fashion field, but have no prior experience in those areas. The programs provide a complete education and allow you to acquire all of the necessary knowledge to learn a profession in the best way.

*Students who successfully complete the programs taught in London will be awarded with a BA  (hons) degree by MMU (Manchester metropolitan university); 120 credits points are available each year of study in order to gain an honors degree, so students will obtain 360 credits upon successful completion of the three-years course.

Student can select a major in Fashion Design, Fashion Styling or Fashion Business.

Fashion Design

The three-year course in Fashion Design trains professionals in many  abilities in the field of fashion and the techniques for the development of designs and the making of garments, responding to changing needs in the fashion industry and international luxury.  Starting with the techniques in design, the course will address the analysis of fabrics and clothing manufacturing, as well as aspects of production. The study of fashion trends will allow for the creation of a collection that responds to the needs of the target brand. 

The diploma in fashion design trains experts to predict trends and tendencies: the fashion designer can work for private labels or in collaboration with Italian fashion houses and their style studios, as consultants or researchers.  They will be able to design collections for women, men and children, as well as accessories, with a permanent eye focused on new evolutions in fashion design.  By the end of the course, the fashion designer can also carry out training tasks in their selected sector.

Fashion Styling

The course in fashion styling is intended to train students to be creative with full mastery and in-depth knowledge in the prediction of trends, in the analysis and interpretation of brand style and visual communication.  At the end of the training course, the candidates will know how to apply these skills to the technology currently in use in the industry for the communication of fashion.  The students will learn to have a global vision of the functions of a fashion system.

The fashion stylist is an expert in style and image, they must be able to bring to light the style of a product line and  propose it in all of its promotional phases.  They are able to interpret the soul of a product and to communicate it through a style that is distinct.  Their job requires creative intuition and an awareness of trends; they must be able to identify new styles and propose an image that is coordinated to an entire collection in order to guarantee success.

Having a diploma to become a fashion stylist at the Marangoni design school opens the door to a brilliant career and to work in various sectors in fashion.  The successful completion of study offers various opportunities of employment that run through fashion, allowing the candidate to operate in fashion editorial in print-based magazines or online, and  in the style and design offices of the main fashion houses.

Fashion Business

The three-year course in fashion business is aimed at training professionals who have a profound knowledge of the different types of companies that make up the fashion industry.  Particular attention will be paid to the principles of company management and marketing, with an analysis in which these methods are applied to a company.  The programme is integrated with a series of workshops, sector studies and seminars aimed  at enriching the cultural patrimony of the student.

Starting from the knowledge of all the different types of sales and commercialization techniques, the fashion manager has the role of deciding whether or not to increase or reduce the production of clothing lines and accessories in fashion and luxury companies.  This professional figure is concerned with cost control, defining communication strategies and promotions, coordinating, collaborating and consulting. The student will benefit greatly and be able to make a career in any company in the sector or entrepreneurial level.

It is a strategic figure that is being chosen more and more by fashion and luxury firms to calculate the best budget and optimize costs.  The Fashion Manager can work in consulting agencies, other companies in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle sectors. They can move between the marketing, communications, event planning, brand management, retail sales, visual merchandising, e-commerce or in the research of new trends.

Duration of the program:3 years

Cost of the program:

Students Holding European Union Passport

Tuition cost:  17,200 EURO  (per year) Total cost for 3 years: 51,600 EURO

International Students:

Tuition cost:  19,400 EURO  (per year) Total cost for 3 years: 58,200 EURO

Students form USA and Canada:

Tuition cost: $ 27,100  (per year) Total cost for 3 years: $ 81,300

NOTE: The price on the button “Apply Now” is in USA dollars and is for 1 year. If you are holding European Union Passport please contact us after you submit your application.


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