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Varna University of Management
International University College offers the opportunity for International students to take full academic semester program, earn and transfer credits toward their major in the home university.
All courses offered at IUC within program delivered in English are open to incoming students. They register for these in the beginning of each semester.
In order to help students with insufficient English language knowledge to adapt to the language of communication at IUC and to smooth their adjustment to the academic standards in place, IUC offers the students the opportunity to join the intensive English language course organized each year prior to the beginning of the academic year. The course begins in August and has duration of four weeks. It is completely free of charge for all exchange and full-time students at IUC.
During the stay the students are offered the opportunity to improve their English language skills in the framework of additional language courses delivered by teachers of the Foreign Languages Department Monday to Friday from 3:30 pm.
To support international students’ integration and participation in local life, a course in Bulgarian language and culture is offered at IUC during the academic year.
International student can enroll for a semester in the following area of study
International Hospitality Management
International Business and Management
Business and Management Studies
Once you submit your application, a student adviser will contact you and explain the next step for your program selection and enrollment process.  
Price: 3,600 $
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