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MBA Master of Business Administration

Varna University of Management
The accreditation awarded to International University College by Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Met), UK establishes us as their strategic partner in Eastern Europe. At IUC, Bulgaria you are able to study the prestigious Cardiff Met's MBA programme that provides students with a comprehensive background in all aspects of business and management, while also providing an opportunity to focus on a specialist area of strategic management, managerial accounting and global marketing.
Cardiff Met, previous known as UWIC is a British University with over 150 years of history. Its Management Faculty is the biggest MBA Faculty in Great Britain. IUC is the only accredited Bulgarian institution of higher education that can provide the Cardiff MetMBA programme.
The accreditation of International University College makes it the only Higher Education Institution in Eastern Europe, which provides the prestigious MBA programme of Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Met), UK. 
Study location: International University College, Varna campus or Sofia campus, Bulgaria
Language of instruction: English
Duration: 3 semesters (1 calendar year)
Start date: 2018 October 3rd 
Degree: British Master Degree (Master of Business Administration) issued by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
Application documents: Filled out application form (Guide to completing application form), valid Bachelor Degree diploma and a proven record of English language knowledge (B2 level at least) according to the European language framework.
Application deadline: 15 September (EU member states) and 15 July (non-EU member states)
The British accreditation that has been granted to International University College by the prestigious Welsh University – Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Met), UK justifies the opportunity to study the full course of the high status MBA programme in Bulgaria.
Tuition Fees: For EU member states - $ 5,600; scholarships of up to $ 1,000 are available.
For non-EU member states - $ 6,800; sholarships of up to $ 1,000 euro are available*.
*The scholarships are valid only for Varna.
Programme features
The MBA programme takes a strong international perspective in all areas. The MBA will provide you with evidence of personal dedication and commitment, an international orientation, development of inter personal skills, presentation and communication skills and greater confidence in your overall managerial abilities. The combination of theory and its practical application provides you with problem solving management skills of immediate and enduring value.
The essentials of the MBA programme are built around the gathering and consolidation of leadership, decision making, communication and analytical skills which are substantial for every successful manager. Last, but not least the programme is designed for working people and therefore studies take place during the weekends, which means that you may study and work simultaneously. Classes are offered on Fridays and Saturdays which facilitate travelling and accommodation. 
The education process
Lectures are fully taught in English. All lecturers have been officially approved by UWIC. There are many guest lecturers who will teach you during the course.
MBA students come from different cultures, industries and diversified backgrounds although working experience is not compulsory for admission. Those students bring a fusion of experience, cultural variety, and extensive knowledge to the classroom. This diversity not only enhances the value of the studies, but it also enriches the discussion, forums and seminars that take place during lectures. Furthermore, the contacts with those people may result in long term professional collaboration and business activities. 
Study modules
Core modules:
People & Organisations
Accounting for Decision Makers
Supply and Operations Management
Strategic Management
Dissertation/Start-up a business/Proposed Project
Elective modules:
Project Management Theory and Practice
Project Management Case Studies
Finance for International Business
Capital Markets and Derivatives
Panaging People in a Global Context
Leadership and Developing People
Product Development Management
Managing the Product Development Process
Buyer behaviour and Relationships in a Global Context
Strategic Global Marketing
Health Cognitive Informatics
Health Sector Project Management
MBA Dissertation:
The dissertation, which comprises three of the MBA's nine modules, is an intellectually challenging piece of individual management research, that gives students with the knowledge, capabilities and competencies of today’s successful managers.
NEW: Specialist Pathways:
It is now possible to achieve a specialist MBA that allows you to show this specialisation in brackets after the award.  For example MBA (Project Management)
The specialist MBA is awarded upon completion of two specialist modules and a dissertation to be undertaken in the specialist area.  The specialist pathways, with their compulsory modules are:
MBA Project Management
MBA Product Development Management
MBA Health Sector Management
MBA Marketing 
MBA International Finance
MBA Human Resources
In order to run the specialist pathways a group of minimum 10 people per pathway is required.
Why should we choose the MBA programme?
The MBA programme enhances the essential managerial skills and capabilities. MBA graduates are in very high demand and the MBA diploma exemplifies professionalism and competitive advantage that are respected from all multinational companies worldwide.
MBA at IUC, Bulgaria
All in all, a MBA degree makes you stand out from the other graduates. It will provide you with the competences, capabilities and knowledge that go beyond simple studies. The MBA diploma will facilitate your pursuance of international career. It will extend the skills you have gained throughout your Bachelor Degree to a greater degree. Huge corporations value more specified and vocational skills of students, which you may obtain through the MBA programme.
Price: 5,600 $
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