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BA (Hons) International Tourism Management

Varna University of Management
The International Tourism Management specialty is accredited by the Bulgarian National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency in the “Economics” academic stream.
Furthermore, the IUC Business Information Systems  specialty is recognized and accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Met), UK, which provides students with the opportunity to receive two Bachelor Degrees upon successful completion of their studies.
Language of instruction: English
Duration of studies: 3 years (6 semesters) Cost per year ( Fall and Spring ) $ 5,600
Diploma: Bulgarian Bachelor Degree from International University College and British BA (Hons) from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.  
The International Tourism Management programme provides an understanding of the nature and role of tourism as a major global activity which makes significant contributions to the economies of developed, emerging and less developed countries.
In order to help you explore and prepare for a career in this diverse industry, the Tourism Management courses provide a blend of core knowledge that reflects the economic, environmental and social context and practice of tourism with rigorous management underpinning throughout the course. 
Study Modules:
First semester: 
Business environment
Principles of tourism marketing
Business communications
Foreign Languages -  First language English for business and tourism, Second foreign language (English/German/French/Spanish)
Second semester:
Research and Statistics   
Information technologies
Introduction to accounting
Introduction to finance
Foreign languages
Summer Internship I (double module)
Third semester:
Human resource management 
Introduction to tourism  
Tour operators, travel agents and passenger transport
Foreign Languages II  English for academic writing, Other Language (German/French/Spanish)
Fourth semester:
      Compulsory modules:
Destination marketing and management
Managing tourist resources
      Elective modules:
Project management
Special interest tourism
Business planing
Foreign Languages II   
Summer Internship II (double module)
Fifth and sixth semester:
      Compulsory modules:
Tourism ethics
Tourism culture, power and identity
Strategic management
Dissertation or Enterprise project
      Elective modules:
Branding and advertising 
Public and Media relations
Corporate finance
Employability and career development
Employee resourcing
Field study 3
Festivals and cultural events
Conferences, Exhibitions and Corporate events
All students in the International Tourism Management specialty have two obligatory internships during their education. These internships last абоут 10 weeks and are done in tourist organizations such as high class hotel chains, tour operators and tourist agencies.
Internships are professionally oriented and aim at development of professional working pattern and provision of financial support to students.
Price: 5,600 $
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