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Art in Paris Summer 2019 Program
Summer 2019
A summer program aimed at students who want to experience living Paris and learn about its history, culture and art. Students can develop their practical skills in either photography or drawing.

Semester Program

IESA -The Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts
Our semester programmes are aimed at students from all countries, who want to experience living in Paris and learning about French history, culture and arts as well as the professional skills of the cultural management consultant, dealer or collector. 
Based at the IESA premises near the Louvre, students take part in courses with an international group of students and with other French students from the school. Whether starting or needing to improve their French, this gives an opportunity to learn both in class and in daily conversation as students take part in all the activities going on in Paris.
Each semester starts with a month-long induction of intensive French classes and introduction to French culture. After that, while continuing French studies, students choose two additional specific options, ranging from art history, French literature or philosophy, twentieth-century cinema and literature. The autumn semester includes a special option in the business of the art market while in the spring semester, we offers a special option in cultural events management. All these courses are taught in English. Students fluent in French may opt for courses from the range of IESA’s undergraduate programmes in art history, cultural management or art business.
As part of each semester’s programme, there are excursions offered on the weekends: a day trip to the Palace of Versailles and a weekend trip either to Normandy or the Valley of the Loire. There are also many evening excursions to the galleries and cultural events in Paris.
Course work forms an important part of the programme and time is allowed for individual study. Each student has a tutor who will meet with them twice during the semester to discuss their progress. At the end of the semester, some courses are assessed by exam, others through continuous assessment.
We have set up a ‘buddy’ system with another student at IESA, who will help orientate you, exchange interests and go with you to some of the extra-curricular activities.
There is a member of staff whose responsibility it is to help you with practical questions and provide support if needed.
Students receive 12-15 credits from Jacksonville University, Florida at second or third year BA level for each semester of study. Erasmus students are awarded 30 credits. 
Autumn semester: From the beginning of September till Christmas break
Spring semester: From the beginning of February to the end of May
In September, students have 4 weeks of Intensive French Studies and Introduction to Art and Civilisation:
  Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 9.30-12.30 French language  French language French language  French language -
13.30-16.30 French art 
and civilisation
French art 
and civilisation
French art 
and civilisation
 French art 
and civilisation


From October to December, students have 12 weeks of 
French language and 2 electives

French Language: 108 hours 
2 Electives: 48 hours each 


   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 9.30-12.30  French language French History up
 to the Revolution
 French language French art  French language
 14.00-16.00  20th century 
French literature or cinema
and their time
 20th century 
French literature or cinema
Art Business
(law & finance)
14.00-16.00  French History to  the Revolution      Art Business
(marketing & webmarketing)


Price: 10,500 $
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