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TuttoToscana 2024, Special Event Management Program in Florence Italy and NYC
Summer 2019
This specially structured program takes place for 3 weeks of learning in Florence and 1 week of events in New York City. The program focus is event production from the perspectives of event management, communications & public relations, food & wine management, art direction. Final exams are held online in the 5th week. Alternately, NYC event week-only and final exam options are also offered, see below for details.
Academic Summer 2024 Programs
Summer 2019
Apicius International School of Hospitality Summer 2019 Programs. Study Abroad Culinary art, Italian Baking and Pastry or Restaurant Management.
9 Week Graduate Hospitality Apparenticeship in the Restaurant Industry
Summer 2019
Program Details The Summer Post Graduate Apprenticeship program prepares students for supervisory and management positions in the world's largest and fastest growing industry. The Florence experience is a unique opportunity that is open only to a limited number of students who already possess a professional and advanced educational training in the culinary field.

Italian Baking & Pastry

APICIUS International School of Hospitality

Program Objectives:

The goal of the program is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of Italian Culture while providing them with the techniques and skills to fully prepare them to become professional bakers and pastry chefs. 
Students develop skills in all areas including: breads, desserts, cake decoration, and buffet centerpieces. The program focuses on both production and individualized skills necessary to find gainful employment in bakeries, restaurants, and other catering settings. The program also offers Safety and Sanitation, Nutrition Science, and pracitcal experience to support and develop students’ professional skills.
Duration and Certification:
Certificate Program may be taken for one semester or one year. The one –year program consists of two semesters, each offering a set of core classes and intensive weekend seminars. Students can attend one single semester and obtain a transcript for credits, or complete the full year program and receive a Certificate in Baking and Pastry. Upon completion of the Baking and Pastry Certificate, students may continue their studies in the second year of the Culinary Arts Certificate.
Upon request, continuing students who have successfully completed the first semester Italian language course, will have the opportunity to broaden their experiences through an internship of approximately 10 hours a week where they can practice skills and experience a professional environment in one of the most visited cities in the world.
The aim of the Beginning level is to provide students with a basic comprehension of Italian pastry. Students will be introduced to the characteristics and functions of baking ingredients and will be able to prepare simple cakes and pastries. Italian regional breads and cakes will be studied, in order to give students a comprehension of local gastronomic traditions and use of ingredients. 
All students enrolled in Certificate Programs are required to take a three week course of Italian Language before the start of the Certificate Program. The Italian language class is fundamental to understand the original terms that will be used during lessons (i.e. names of regions, recipes, etc.) and to acquire the minimum conversation skills required for participating in the second semester Internship.
Italian Language 

3 semester credits (45 lecture hours) 
The language course is offered in different levels according to the student’s knowledge.
FW BP BC 310  Italian Classical Cakes and Tarts
3 semester credits (90 hours: 15 lecture hours - 30 hands on class hours – 45 supervised lab hours)
Students will study the history and background of various national and regional cakes and tarts. The course will cover the origin of classical cakes, variations from classical methods, and customer-driven deviations from traditional preparations. Students will study a variety of doughs, batters, fillings, and glazes, with an emphasis on a thorough understanding of the techniques and proper skill execution for Italian cakes. Special attention will be paid to advanced creaming methods (separated creaming methods, creaming without leavening agents) and combination methods. Piping skills are practiced.    
FW BP BT 320 Baking Techniques
2 semester credits (15 lecture hours - 30 hands on class hours) 
Baking Techniques introduces the functions of baking ingredients (such as yeast, flour, and shortening), mixing methods for doughs, fermentation techniques, heat transfer methods. Focus on basic elements such as pastry dough, sponge cake, pâté a choux, puff pastry, plunder, danesi, croissant, egg/butter based basic creams, production and conservation of fruit conserves and meringues. In this course, students taste and test the products they create as well as complete a research assignment.     
FW BP BI 325  Breads of Italy and Specialty Breads
2 semester credits (15 lecture hours - 30 hands on class hours)
Building on previous knowledge, students learn to mix, shape, bake, store, and distribute breads and rolls. Emphasis will be placed on increased use of traditional fermentation methods, equipment, and methods that emphasize flavor, texture, and appearance as well as techniques that increase shelf life. This course offers the opportunity to learn the principles and techniques of preparing multi-grain breads, sourdoughs, holiday or seasonal breads, and flat breads. Special emphasis will be placed on Italian regional breads; handling grains (such as soakers) for specialty breads; mixing, shaping, and finishing specialty breads; and learning innovative baking methods. 
FW BP PS 350 Pastry Shop 
3 semester credits (90 hours: 15 lecture hours - 30 hands on class hours – 45 supervised lab hours)
A study of classical desserts, French, Italian and international pastries, hot and cold desserts. Emphasis on advanced techniques, as well as the safe and sanitary handling of equipment and food supplies. Emphasis will be placed on the production of high quality, handcrafted desserts for retail, commercial and food service bakeries.
FW BP CC 360  Cookies and Petit Fours
2 semester credits (15 lecture hours - 30 hands on class hours)
This course provides students with a fundamental working knowledge of the traditional methods of producing cookies and petit fours. The course will explore the preparation and design of unfilled and filled cookies and mignardises. Topics covered include the creaming method, depositing cookies (sliced, dropped, spritz, rolled, and bar), as well as methods of mixing, shaping, baking, filling, finishing, storing, packaging, pricing, and distributing cookies. 
FW FS SA 300 Food Safety and Sanitation
1 semester credits (16 lecture hours)
This course introduces food production practices. Topics covered include prevention of food borne illness through proper handling of potentially hazardous foods, legal guidelines, kitchen safety, facility sanitation, safe practices of food preparation, storing, and reheating guidelines. 
This course is also offered as a seminar for 1 credit – 15 lecture hours. The regular semester class will introduce the student to the subject and focus on the area of study, while the seminar will focus on the specialized area of study.
FW CA SC 300 Local Restaurants and Wine Bars: 
Signature Chefs and Sommeliers
1 semester credit (15 lecture hours)
Industry professionals come together in a series of seminars covering their personal and professional experiences as well as offering insight and advice to participating students.
FW BP GI 330 The Art of Gelato and Italian Ice
1 semester credit (15 lecture hours)
This seminar introduces to the art of making gelato, Italian-style sorbet and Ice. Seminar includes history, nutrient composition of gelato, and how to formulate flavors, displays case techniques and decoration, and recipes.
FW FC CD 314 Fact and Fiction of Regional Folklore: Celebrating Desserts
1 semester credits (15 lecture hours) 
This survey and workshop course examines the Italian peninsula through regional desserts. Italian desserts, like its cuisine, vary from region to region and often play a central role in historic festivities, regional fairs and festivals, religious celebrations, etc, such as the fried cenci fritters during Carnevale or panettone and pandoro during the Christmas and New Year season. The lessons will conduct the student through a 'sweet journey' through Italy by focusing on specific desserts and their historical and folkloristic contexts. The workshop portion of this course will offer hands practice in the preparation and presentation of regional desserts. 
FW DN IN 305 Introduction to Nutrition 
2 semester credits (30 lecture hours)
This course introduces students to the basic nutrition concepts such as calories, nutrient density and dietary reference intake. Through the course the characteristics and the role of the basic nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals) will be closely examined and different food combinations analyzed and discussed. The concept of food pyramid will be extensively analyzed and different food pyramids and their cultural and scientific backgrounds compared: the Mediterranean, the USDA, the traditional Latin American, the Asian a and the Vegetarian. Menu composition and meal planning will be discussed form the nutritionist's point of view.
This course is also offered as a special seminar for 2 credits (30 hours). The regular semester class will introduce the student to the subject and focus on the area of study, while the seminar will focus on the specialized area of study.
The aim of the Advanced level is to deepen students’ knowledge of Italian pastry, both regarding baking techniques, study of ingredients and the evolution and interpretation of traditional recipes in contemporary cuisine. Students will learn how to develop new ideas and products through market analysis and the use of both classical recipes and original combinations of ingredients, through the application of new production techniques. They will be able to interpret ingredients and create their own style. Special emphasis will be placed on dessert decoration techniques, sugar works, chocolate and confectionery. The program includes the study of station organization for the production dessert in restaurants and of professional skills for the presentation of dishes. 
Students who have successfully passed the Italian language course will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in class through the Internship session. **See Note for Internship.
FW BP IC 440 Italian Confectionary Art
2 semester credits (15 lecture hours - 30 hands on class hours)
This course introduces students to classically applied mediums used in display work and decoration. Students will learn to execute specific designs in pastillage, rolled fondant, gum paste, and royal icing, as well as with poured, pulled, and blown sugar. Production, storing of all types of candied fruits and Italian mostarda. Production and storing of jams and conserves, fruit jellies, Italian croccante, sugar fondant, almond paste.
FW BP CA 450 Chocolate Artistry
2 semester credits (15 lecture hours - 30 hands on class hours)
This course introduces the principles involved in tempering chocolate, creating chocolate sculptures, forming simple centerpieces, and preparing chocolates and other confections with soft, hard, and liquid centers. Students learn to use traditional and contemporary production methods in creating confections both by hand and with special equipment. Efficient methods to increase productivity in this highly specialized field will be highlighted. 
FW BP PT 470  Baking Techniques II: Italian Pastry Techniques
2 semester credits (15 lecture hours - 30 hands on class hours)
This course introduces non-yeast, laminated doughs and the preparation of pastry products using a variety of methods-lamination, blending, creaming, foaming, and thickening. Students will combine these methods in new products, to create savory items and frozen desserts, and to use basic finishing methods by applying glazes, filling pastries, creating simple sauces, and presenting products for service. The fundamentals of heat transfer as applied to pastries in the preparation of creams, custards, soufflés, butter creams, meringues, and flavored whipped creams will also be studied. Students will taste and test the products created and will complete a research assignment. 
FW BP DS 480  Dessert Styling
2 semester credits (15 lecture hours - 30 hands on class hours)
Baking and dessert presentation, including sugar and chocolate decorations, creative use of sauces, pâté au choux, meringue, toppings and decorations, application of different icings, fruit garnishing. By the end of the course students will be able to execute the most common decorating and styling techniques and to develop their own personal plating style.
FW BP RD 490 Restaurant and Production Desserts
3 semester credits (90 hours: 15 lecture hours - 30 hands on class hours – 45 supervised lab hours)
This course covers the preparation and service of hot and cold desserts with a focus on individual desserts and the components involved in preparation. Students will learn and improve station organization, timing, and service coordination for restaurant dessert production. Products made will include fried products, tarts, soufflés, creams, frozen desserts. Both individual plated desserts, and desserts for banquets will be prepared. Students will develop a dessert menu from the perspective of variety, costs, practicality, and how well it matches the rest of the menu.     
PS SP BP 550  Special Project in the Baking and Pastry Industry 
2 semester credits (140 Internship hours)
Non-paid part- time professional experience under the supervision of an experienced professional. Students must attend the pre-internship seminar sessions as well as all the scheduled meetings with the mentor/supervisor. A daily journal is required, signed by the internship supervisor, with detailed descriptions of tasks and experience. Summary and evaluation reports are required.
Cross-listed to: Baking and Pastry (Food and Wine Studies)
The Special Project will be activated only upon PRIOR request. It is available only to continuing students. Students who successfully pass the entrance exam qualifying for intermediate level in the first semester, will be placed in Italian Language.
Italian language 
3 semester credits (45 lecture hours) 
The course consists of grammar lectures and conversation, and is offered in different levels according to the student’s knowledge.
FW CA KM 460 Kitchen Management and Brigade
1 semester credit (15 lecture hours)
The kitchen brigade is the chain of command which divides the kitchen into areas of specialization. Knowing the evolution of the brigade and duties of each department, or parti, will help the professional cook to find his/her place in any kitchen. Terminology, roles and duties, management, supervising.
FW BP SD 380 Special Diet Baking
1 semester credit (15 hours)
This seminar provides students with practical knowledge of ingredient substitutions for current current nutritional needs, food allergies and intolerance. Students balance formulas using alternative ingredients such as fat, dairy, wheat (gluten free) and sugar replacements currently used in baked goods.
FW BP SA 505 Sugar Artistry
1 semester credit (15 lecture hours)
Students are introduced to various sugar artistry techniques, including pastillage, poured, pulled and blown sugar. Emphasis is on the planning and production of individual showpieces using various shaping and molding methods in order to garnish dishes, buffet, cakes.
FW BP IW 510 Italian Wedding and Specialty Cakes
1 semester credit (15 lecture hours)
This seminar is comprised of lecture, demonstration and hands-on activities. Students will learn the history of wedding cakes and the various techniques needed to create wedding and specialty cakes. Emphasis is placed on developing skills in making various decorative ornaments out of chocolate, marzipan. 
HP FB SF 300 Sustainability in the Italian Food Industry
2 semester credits (30 lecture hours)
Development of a sustainable food system is an essential part of long term economic planning. The course focuses on food processing, packaging and distribution, exploring the social aspect of the food supply chain. Sustainability principles will be analyzed as well as case studies in food and beverage service and retailing.


Traditional Italian desserts

Traditional Italian desserts
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