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Summer 2016 - Czech Language School in Prague
Summer 2016
The Czech Summer School (Prague) is an intensive course focusing on language and communication. We strike a balance between spoken and written communication, as well as between reading and listening skills, without overlooking grammar.
Charles University in Prague

Charles University in Prague

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Czech and Roman King Charles IV founded Prague University on April 7, 1348 as the first university to the north of the Alps and to the east of Paris. The university grew rapidly and garnered respect throughout Europe for hundreds of years.

The 20th Century won over distinguished professors to teach there, like Albert Einstein and Thomas G. Masaryk. While it produced vast amounts of scientific research and literary work, World War II erupted and Hitler closed all Czech universities, persecuting professors and students, while the German side of the universities meagerly prevailed. At War's end, Communist control continued and Charles University, having changed its name, grew modestly. It wasn't until 1989 that the totalitarian regime ended and Charles University was able to flourish.

Today Charles University has 17 faculties and over 51,000 students (which is roughly a sixth of all students in the Czech Republic). Charles University is one of the world’s top universities, a fact that has been confirmed repeatedly by the international university rankings. It is a fully accredited Czech university with plenty of courses in English to offer study abroad students in the perfect campus setting.

The study abroad programs are organized by CESTA: Central European Studies, Transitions and Alternatives. It is a division of institute for Language and Preparatory Studies Charles University. The program is called “Prague on the Go” and is designed to explore Prague within the dimensions of identity, change, space, and time.

Study abroad programs are focuses on various areas of Central European Studies: art, politics, history, Jewish studies, film, and more! CESTA classes meet once or twice per week in a seminar setting, are taught at the 200 to 300 level and are worth 4 semester credits. A typical course load is 4 courses and 16 credits. Students generally take the Czech Language course plus 3 other elective courses.

You experience “Prague on the Go” by touring exhibits and city districts, attending political meetings and the opera, following roads walked for centuries and visiting sites steeped in memories. Then we guide you to integrate what you’ve learned in culminating projects in oral history, documentary, research papers, and others.

CESTA is for students who expect:

• a unique personal experience
• a truly international immersion
• a break from the traditional academic setting
• new learning opportunities in intercultural classrooms
• a challenge of active learning, and
• personal academic guidance at the reputable Charles University

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