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January Intersession 2020
January Intersession 2020
Florence University of the Arts ( FUA ) - January Intersession. Study abroad in Florence for 3 weeks in January. Study abroad program offered for all majors. Apply online now!
Academic Summer 2020 Programs
Summer 2020
Florence University of the Arts ( FUA) - Study Abroad Summer 2020 in Florence, Italy. Study Abroad Programs available for 3 and 6 weeks. Apply Now!
High School Summer 2020 Program in Florence, Italy
Summer 2020
Florence University of the Arts is offering a unique opportunity for high school students to participate in its cultural and academic offering. Students may select from an exciting range of courses offered for study abroad programs and participate in weeklong cultural explorations in locations such as Rome, Sicily, and Florence as well as supervised afternoon activities such as sports and discovering the city of Florence.
FUA-Florence University of the Arts

FUA-Florence University of the Arts

Location: Florence, Italy

The Florence University of the Arts (FUA) programs are aimed both at US undergraduates requiring academic credit, as well as an international mix of independent students who are looking for an educational study abroad programs in Italy.

FUA’s academic calendar follows a semester system of 15 weeks (Fall and Spring) as well as 3 weeks summer sessions. FUA also offers long-term study abroad programs in the areas of applied arts, design and communication . FUA has a highly qualified and dedicated international faculty a large proportion of which is of Italian nationality.The academic program at FUA is based on the American university semester credit system.

The Florence University of the Arts is made up of the following departments;

College of Liberal Arts; College of Fine and Visual Arts;
College of Life Science, Environmental Studies and Human Services;
College of Business and Economics and the College of Science. All courses are taught in English with the exception of Italian language (immersion style for English-speakers) and other classes marked "in Italian" in the catalog and class schedules. Semester students must take at least three credits of Italian language as part of their program.
Florence University of the Arts is accredited with the Region of Tuscany, delegated by the Ministry of Education, (Accreditation n. 002219_1)
All Florence University of The Arts (FUA) students attending non-affiliated universities will receive course credit from University of South Florida.

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