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08 June 2017
Win a Trip for Tow to Canada!
Enter the TourRadar Great Canadian Adventure contest for a chance to with $ 4,100 and enjoy a trip for two!
24 April 2017
Summer Jobs in the Movie and TV shows
Now casting for Movies and TV shows. Apply today and you may be on the next commercial.
21 March 2017
Paid Hospitality Internship in France
Are you still looking for internship abroad? We are still accepting applications for Hospitality Internship in France. Apply today!
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Special programs

January Intersession 2017
January Intersession 2017
Florence University of the Arts ( FUA ) - January Intersession. Study abroad in Florence for 3 weeks in January. Study abroad program offered for all majors. Apply online now!
TuttoToscana 2017, Special Event Management Program in Florence Italy and NYC
Summer 2017
This specially structured program takes place for 3 weeks of learning in Florence and 1 week of events in New York City. The program focus is event production from the perspectives of event management, communications & public relations, food & wine management, art direction. Final exams are held online in the 5th week. Alternately, NYC event week-only and final exam options are also offered, see below for details.
Art in Paris Summer 2017 Program
Summer 2017
A summer program aimed at students who want to experience living Paris and learn about its history, culture and art. Students can develop their practical skills in either photography or drawing.
Academic Summer 2017 Programs
Summer 2017
Apicius International School of Hospitality Summer 2017 Programs. Study Abroad Culinary art, Italian Baking and Pastry or Restaurant Management.
Academic Summer 2017 Programs
Summer 2017
Florence University of the Arts ( FUA) - Study Abroad Summer 2017 in Florence, Italy. Study Abroad Programs available for 3 and 6 weeks. Apply Now!
June 2017 – 3 Week Summer Program
Summer 2017
Paros Island International Music Study Abroad Programs: Duration: # weeks. Application Deadline: 90 days before the beginning of the program Eligibility Requirements: The program is open to second, third and fourth year undergraduate students of Music with an interest in composition, improvisation, 20th century music and musicology Language: English
Summer 2016 - Czech Language School in Prague
Summer 2016
The Czech Summer School (Prague) is an intensive course focusing on language and communication. We strike a balance between spoken and written communication, as well as between reading and listening skills, without overlooking grammar.
Andalusian Gastronomy July / August
Summer 2016
Southern Spain - the land of olive groves and rolling hills of almond blossom, flamenco dancers and gypsy songs, and fiestas. This fascinating region offers an incredible medley of sights, sounds, tastes and scents.
Summer 2017 Term I and II
Summer 2017
The Barcelona International College summer program offers students from around the world the opportunity to become members of our student body, earn college credits for courses taught in English
3 Weeks July 2017 Courses
Summer 2017
Develop your design skills for the fashion industry, Learn the fundamentals of film making, The course also includes a series of study day trips to sites of architectural importance around the South of England.
Internship and Arabic Language
Summer 2017
MCAS offers various placements in these areas: Human Rights, Education, Children in Need, Women’s Empowerment, Micro-finance, Journalism and Non-Governmental Organizations
Summer Hospital Internship
Summer 2016
Students take one health related class at the host university and have an internship at a hospital
Fresco-Hunting Photo Research Expedition to Medieval Balkan Churches
Summer 2017
Take a part in an expedition for documentation of abandoned medieval churches/chapels and their frescoes in Western Bulgaria.
9 Week Graduate Hospitality Apparenticeship in the Restaurant Industry
Summer 2017
Program Details The Summer Post Graduate Apprenticeship program prepares students for supervisory and management positions in the world's largest and fastest growing industry. The Florence experience is a unique opportunity that is open only to a limited number of students who already possess a professional and advanced educational training in the culinary field.
June 2017 – 4 Week Summer Program
Summer 2017
Paros Island International Music Study Abroad Programs: Duration: 4 Weeks. Application Deadline: 90 days before the beginning of the program Eligibility Requirements: The program is open to second, third and fourth year undergraduate students of Music with an interest in composition, improvisation, 20th century music and musicology Language: English
3 Weeks August 2017 Courses
Summer 2017
A comprehensive introduction to fashion PR and marketing to develop your understanding, Explore the 12 principles of animation through a series of practical exercises, Discover how to plan, create and apply a variety of make-up styles and special effects for film, television, theatre and commercial work.
Excavations of the Neolithic Settlement Ilindentsi
Summer 2017
Archaeological excavation at the village of Ilindentsi located of the majestic Pirin Mountains (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in Southwestern Bulgaria.
Apollonia Pontica Excavation Project
Summer 2017
Come and help the project team to reveal the secrets of the lost temple of Apollo!
Excavation at Tell Yunatsite
Summer 2017
Learn about the Rise and Fall of the Europe's Earliest Civilization in the Fifth Millennium BC
High School Summer 2017 Program in Florence, Italy
Summer 2017
Florence University of the Arts is offering a unique opportunity for high school students to participate in its cultural and academic offering. Students may select from an exciting range of courses offered for study abroad programs and participate in weeklong cultural explorations in locations such as Rome, Sicily, and Florence as well as supervised afternoon activities such as sports and discovering the city of Florence.
Excavation of Emporion Pistiros
Summer 2017
Discover the ruins of an ancient Greek trade center (emporion) in the heart of Thrace

Questions & Answers

What's Included?

  • Tuition for 15 weeks ( full semester programs) or 3,4 or 5 weeks for the summer programs
  • Choice of double and single housing arrangement
  • Coordinator assistance on site from the host school
  • 24-hour emergency support overseas and in the US
  • Full and comprehensive insurance
  • Supporting documents for visa application
  • Material to prepare you for your study abroad experience
  • Study abroad orientation  


What’s Not Included ?

  • International and local airfares
  • Visa application fees
  • School fees (text books, lab fees lunch, etc.)
  • Personal expenses, souvenirs, incidentals
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Phone cards, cell phones


How Does It Work ?

  • First, review the program materials on our website.
  • Choose your desired program and confirm that you meet any pre-requisites.
  • Complete the online application for your program of choice.
  • Print out and complete all required forms
  • Send the completed application with your application fee to our office for review.


Then What ?

  • Once your application packet has been reviewed, you will receive an acceptance letter.
  • You have to make deposit to hold your space or make the full payment for your program.
  • You will receive your enrollment letter to present to the embassy for your visa.
  • Make travel arrangements and apply for visa.  


Application Deadlines

  • November 15 - Spring Semester
  • April 1- Summer Session
  • July 1 – Fall Semester
  • Internship application are accpted any time


Deposits, Cancellations & Refunds

  • $ 500 deposit ( non - refundable) - with completed application
  • $ 250 deposit ( non - refundable) - payable after the internship interview
  • Full program fee balance due upon notice of acceptance. Payment by pay pal or wire transfer only.
  • $300 housing deposit refundable in the end of the term.
  • If you cancel between 60 and 30 days prior to when the term starts*, the students will be liable for 20% of tuition/fees.
  • If you cancel between 30 days to First week prior to when the term starts*, the student will be liable for 50% of tuition/fees.  
  • If your cancellation notice is received during the First week period prior to when the term starts* will result in the student’s liability for 100% of tuition and under no circumstances will a refund be made. Failure to attend does not constitute official cancellation.


                * A term starts on the date students are required to arrive

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